it really isn’t the same

It makes my blood boil when people think their situation is worse than yours.  Or people that always have to “one up” you.  Let’s take this chick (we’ll call her Sally) for example.  Sally has 2 healthy children.  Sally was told after giving birth to her 2nd that it wouldn’t be safe for the next unborn child or herself to concieve again due to her uterus.  She’s been dealing with this for 9 months.  Fine.  I’m sorry you are having problems coping with this.  Go get a hysterectomy and talk to a professional, STAT.  And I say that in a kind way.  If you love your already existing family, you should prevent the worst with a common procedure to ensure it doesn’t happen.

Sally posted this on a board that I frequent.  On a board where women are TTC their first.  This woman can’t concieve again.  Apple to oranges babe.  Your situation isn’t more dire than ours.  In fact, you can’t even compare the two. 


~ by pmarie33 on June 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “it really isn’t the same”

  1. My thoughts exactly.

  2. Here, here!

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