it’s raining babies!

Last night we went to our favorite hangout.  It’s a tiki bar on the river and there’s nothing else like it (that I know of) anywhere around us.  We met our best friends down there for dinner and drinks.  They brought their little 9 month old boy.  He’s so freaking cute.  It’s amazing who comes out of the woodwork when the tiki bar is open.  It wasn’t open last year.  Some financial hub bub.  Twenty minutes later, more friends show up.  Oh my.  I haven’t seen them in a year or two.  I was so good to see them.  Each couple brought their prized possession; their baby.  That’s cool.  I knew they had babies.  I just hadn’t met the cute little boogers yet. 

While we were catching up, they were telling us that all the other friends that we hadn’t seen in years already have one or two kids.  Really?  So and so have kids?  They said they weren’t going to have kids for at least five years.  Oh, it was a mistake? Doh!  Burn me.  Such and such is pregnant with number 3?  Are you kidding me?  She swore off children before the wedding and he already had two from a previous marriage.  Oh, “the condom broke” on the first one and the second one was an “oops”.  This time, they are trying for a girl.  Nice. 

Fast forward three or four drinks.  All the babies and parents are gone.  We’ve made friends with the bartenders, played the ring game and drank a few sorrows away.  There is lightning in the far north distance.   It looks like it’s gonna pass.  Let’s have another.  Woohoo!  Life is good and we’re having a blast.  All of a sudden the wind starts to pick up.  Wow, let me find my scrunchie.  Is that rain?  Oh crap. 

The tiki bar is actaully an old barge.  There’s a nice air conditioned restuarant in the other little building on this barge, but it closes at 10pm.  You have to walk across a bridge to get to the parking lot.  Now, huge raindrops were pelting down on us.  We raced up the steps and across the bridge to get to our car.  That was close.   Lots of wind, lightning, thunder and sideways rain followed.   I love storms.


~ by pmarie33 on June 28, 2008.

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