i know he knows

The Friends episode reminded me of this: “but they don’t know we know that they know we know.”  Cracks me up everytime. 

My husband doesn’t really know much about cycles.  He knows when I’m on my period (for obvious reasons), but other than that, he doesn’t really know.  Or he says he doesn’t.  I think he does.  I don’t want to hound him when it’s time to have baby making sex.  I want him to not feel stressed.  So I pretty much let it happen whenever we are in the mood. 

For the past few years, he has had to learn something.  After period, we need help to get ready.  A few weeks later, we don’t need help.  It just slides with limtied effort.  A few days later, we need help again. 

I’ve told him several times (in man terms), “I am fertile when there is plenty of natural lube”.  I’m pretty sure he understands.  He says he understands.  But then he throws me for a loop long after ovulation when he says “let’s go make a baby”.

~ by pmarie33 on August 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “i know he knows”

  1. They really do have a chip missing in their brains.

  2. I just saw that one yesterday – favorite episode ever. My DH seems to get it – but likes to pretend he doesn’t. I’m sure he has learned more about my body than he ever wanted to.

  3. Yeah…I think my DH gets it then I think…he doesn’t. Now that we do IUIs he will say before the IUI when we have sex…let’s make a baby. I’ll tell him…well the only sperms that will be making babies are the ones the dr. will shoot up into me. He looks bewildered when I say that. *sigh* Men.

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