generators and crickets

Sunday’s winds were downright terrifying where I live.  Never in the history of my city has that happened without tornados.  Mind you, there wasn’t a drop of rain.  It was all wind.  Of course all the trees, on the main street of a neighborhood we have to drive through, that split were Bradford Pears.  Those break when you look at them wrong.  And if they aren’t thinned and trimmed every year, they get too big.  Morons. 

Sunday – noon – the power goes out right at the same time James is about to pounce on Bella in the book I was reading that day called Twilight.  So yes I was scared.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  My husband isn’t home, but not too far away.  He was putting up a tent.  Yes a tent – in 50mph wind.  He was airing it out for the BIL to use.  It’s getting late in the day and the power hasn’t come back.  I need to go on an ice hunt.  No dice.  I couldn’t find a cube of ice.

Monday – 9am- my mom and SIL have power and they made me ice overnight.  I had to take all my freezer stuff to their houses and grab ice.  I found ice at Kroger on the way back home.  They were filling up the case.  I took 4 big bags.  I got home aroun 10am or so and started filling up the coolers.  As soon as I was done. I shit you not, the power comes back on.  Well, the refridgerators aren’t cold yet, I’ll leave everything in the coolers. – 2pm – power goes back out.  Oh well, I didn’t touch the coolers and it’s daylight, so at least I can read. 

Tuesday – 7am – I can see my husband’s clock on the ceiling.  Yay we have power!  I was cautious until about 3pm or so to start emptying the coolers.  No Internet.  Damn.  I hurried to do laundry, make egg salad and get dinner ready just in case we lost power again. 

I really didn’t mind not having power.  It was like camping with a house.  The weather was beautiful as it never got over 75 or so.  Monday was cloudy.  Tuesday was sunny.  We haven’t shut our windows since Sunday night.  I am glad I had the books to differ my boredom.  At night, we sat out on the back porch and drank beer.  We have a gas water heater, so we were able to take showers. And having battery operated lamps for camping gave us light in the bathroom since there isn’t a window.  Then we fell asleep to the sounds of generators and crickets. 

Now the problem in our city is gas.  Hopefully I’ll be able to find some today when I go out.

~ by pmarie33 on September 17, 2008.

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