I have my first RE appointment on Tuesday.  I’m not really nervous about going.  I’m super nervous that she will actually do her job and help get me pregnant. 

All this time, that’s the goal we’ve been reaching for.  But after so long, you wear down and accept the truth/science/will/fate/whatever.  For so long we’ve accepted that it’s not going to happen without help, which makes it easier to know what our future holds. 

Going to this appointment can change everything.


~ by pmarie33 on October 31, 2008.

4 Responses to “terrified”

  1. I hope you like your RE Pmarie. I feel so much better about my RE than I ever did with my GYN. You are in good hands now.

  2. Wow, as I was reading your post it went through my head that this was the EXACT same way I felt the night before our first RE appt. I was scared, nervous and excited that all these appts. and tests might actually produce a real, live baby! It just seemed (and still does) so surreal that after 18 months of trying, we might actually become parents! Good luck at your appt & keep us posted!!

  3. how’d it go?!

  4. P!! How did it go?

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