It has doubled. But we are still being guarded since there has been some clots and bleeding. I’m waiting on the doc to call and tell me what’s next.

Thanks to all for the support.

~17 dpo beta: 1121
~19 dpo beta: 2504


~ by pmarie33 on March 19, 2009.

9 Responses to “2504”

  1. Be firm with the doctor about needing an u/s for your won piece of mind! Congrats you two!

  2. won = own

  3. So glad it doubled. Bigs hugs. I’m praying for your sticky baby.

  4. that’s great news! ((hugs))

  5. Fabulous news on your betas. I’ll keep you in my thoughts that the bleeding stops.

  6. That’s awesome news! I would definitely ask for an u/s or two to see what’s going on in there for some piece of mind. Congratulations!

  7. Are you still with the RE? Definitely get an ultrasound.

  8. i’m so stoked!!! i’m praying that you get an u/s & everything looks awesome!

  9. I too would ask for an ultrasound to see what is going on, and just to have some piece of mind. What you are describing sounds kind of like when I had the subchorionic hemmorage and they had me on bedrest for a week and it did heal itsself. The baby did fine through all of that, despite having had some small clots and red bleeding for over a week. I hope that the doc on Monday can reassure you and give you an u/s to check things out. They should be able to see a subchorionic hemmorage on the u/s and if that is the problem then usually just rest and more rest will take care of it. I’m thinking of you and sending you tons of good thoughts and prayers that everything is going to be great. ((HUGS))

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