don’t look at me

I’m not an attention whore IRL. I’m the one that wouldn’t tell anyone I was pregnant until I absolutely had to. The only day I wanted to ever be the center of attention was my wedding day.

Today was one of those days that you see extended family for the first time since they heard the news (which they didn’t hear from us). We went to a graduation party and most of the attention went to me. I didn’t like that at all and felt bad about it.

I’m going to invest in a t-shirt that says the following:

Yes we are going to find out what the sex is.
The name will be kept a secret.
We are due on November 20.
I feel fine.



~ by pmarie33 on May 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “don’t look at me”

  1. hahahaha. i’m sorry but that would be an awesome tshirt. i’m not a big attention whore either, not such a fan. but good luck.

  2. i have a perfect pie graph for this. i gotta find it.

  3. haha.what are you going to do when they try to touch the belly? you better add something about that to your t-shirt.

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