i hate lazy people

Seriously, it takes 10 seconds to change your password and you get 14 freaking days to do it. How hard is it? Apparently it’s rocket science to my users.

I get calls all day long from those that “don’t have time to mess with that”. Well, for your information, I don’t have time for calls like this from people like you.

I especially love the voicemails left on my work phone on Friday afternoons at 5:05pm crying because they have forgotten their password or let it expire and are desperate to get into their e-mail. On Monday morning, depending on who it is, I may or may not make them wait longer.

Bottom line – be nice to your IT department.

~ by pmarie33 on June 2, 2009.

One Response to “i hate lazy people”

  1. haha sounds like my job……….they call uhaul, i answer and say thank you for calling uhaul – they say oh…… this is uhaul?

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