um, excuse me

but that’s my belly and my personal space.

It’s a good thing I like this lady, cause if not, she would have gotten a totally different reaction out of me.

I went to the breakroom to get some ice. The container was empty. I don’t like it when the container is empty. Someone mentioned that there was some in the conference room. So I went over there. There were people in line to grab sandwiches, brownies, fruit and drinks. Free food is the best food.

Not too long after I walk in, this lady says “let the pregnant one get some fruit”. There was also a pregnant woman in front of me. Of course she told the lady that I was pg too. That’s when she came over and felt my (still-not-so-noticeable) belly and squeeeeeed in joy.

Since when is it ok to do this? Especially if there’s not much there to feel. I can understand wanting to feel it if the pg woman says “Want to feel the baby kick?”, but not at my stage.

Oh, and the ice bucket was empty. I did get a brownie and some fruit out of the deal.


~ by pmarie33 on June 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “um, excuse me”

  1. totally rude.

  2. i’m just jealous of your brownie >:/

  3. I hate people.

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