follow-up doc visit

Went to the doc again yesterday. They did an ultrasound to measure the cervix and make sure the placenta is okay. Cervix is 3.5cm and closed. Placenta is fine as well.

While the tech had me in the room, she did a heart rate check on the sleeping baby and it was 147. She did let me take a peak since s/he had it’s back to me. The big ultrasound is on 7/7 and since the man wasn’t there, I didn’t want to acidentally catch a glimpse.

The doc still can’t explain why my cervix sucks ass and bleeds all the time, but she did say everything looks great. She put me on pelvic rest and minimal activity until I can go 3 days in a row without bleeding or spotting. Yah right. We’ll see about that.


~ by pmarie33 on June 26, 2009.

3 Responses to “follow-up doc visit”

  1. Good luck P!

  2. i’m happy to hear things look good. take it easy this weekend.

  3. Glad that the baby looks good

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