busy day

There was a yardsale down the street today. I/we never go to yardsales. Well, they said it was a multi-family one and it was close, so I got up at the buttcrack of dawn to check it out. I have a collection of Little Golden Books (mostly Disney), so that’s what I look for.

I found a Scooby Doo one!! The Haunted Carnival for 5 cents. What a bargain.

Then we cleaned my side of the garage. Filled up 2 garbage cans. We plan on putting some (not wire) storage shelves that will actually hold all our crap soon, so this is prep work.

Then we moved the man’s desk and computer into the office. His was out in the basement in the main room. We decided we needed that space soon for a pack-n-play. Later on down the road, it will be her play area. So, now we put a bookshelf there that hold odds and ends. Sooner or later, it will hold more fundtional things we need for baby. Then I’m sure it will turn into toy storage.

I took a picture today from my view. I’ve lost the sight of my feet when standing straight up and looking straight down.


~ by pmarie33 on August 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “busy day”

  1. how clever! love the view.

  2. I had a bunch of the Little Golden Books as a kid, too. 😉 And I love the Mommy View!

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