2:30pm Wednesday, 11/11/2009
We arrived at the hospital, get checked in and all is good. They put the IV in and the baby and contraction monitors on. I’m having regular contractions, but not feeling very many of them. I’m thinking to myself, “that was a contraction? hmmph, who knew?” It wasn’t hurting at all.

Started the pitocin. It was upped every 30 minutes. My bp was getting checked every 15 minutes and of course I was up peeing every 30 minutes.

Dialated to 3 cm. The good doctor broke my water. That was interesting. Now I can feel those pesky contractions. The nurses kept asking me when I wanted the epi. They said, no one gets a prize for being in the most pain. lolz

I only lasted 2 and a half hours through them. Much too painful.

The anesthesiologist comes in to give me the epidural. He had to do it twice because the first one didn’t take. Ouch. Not gonna lie, that was was pretty painful. About a half hour later I started feeling nauseous. My bp dropped to 86/48. Uh oh, time for ephedrine. That seemed to regulate my bp, but now it was getting taken every 5 minutes and annoying the piss out of me.

Um, P my dear, you are 9.5cms dilated. Holy crap, this is reallly going to happen whether I like it or not. The doctor was called. I can feel the contractions as pressure down stairs, but it wasn’t bad at all. I started shaking and they said that was a normal side effect of the epidural.

12:30am Thursday, 11/12/2009
Time to start pushing. They tried to get me to do 4 sets of pushes through each contraction. I tried my best, but was only giving them 3. My sinuses were acting up that day and it felt like I was going to bust my ear drums out through every push. They can already see the head and the man said he could see hair. Pushing was exhausting.

In between contractions, we were all shooting the breeze. Laughing, telling stories, I was actually having a great time. No pain what-so-ever. Doc thinks after the next 3-4 contractions, baby will be out.

Sure enough, after 3 more, her head came out. Once the doc got a shoulder out, she just slipped out the rest of the way. They put her on my chest and I was instantly in love. She was covered in blood and amniotic fluid, but oddly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. They took her away to clean her up. The man took the camera to get all the good shots.

I’m not paying much attention what was going on with my factory becuse I’m looking at all the hubbub going on around the baby. Then I felt something else come out. That was sort of disgusting. The placenta. Then the doc and the nurse were holding all these shiny tools and I felt pulling. They were stiching me up. I asked how many and she didn’t want to say. She said that she wasn’t even going to count. =( I had a 3rd degree tear. She had to repair my rectum and vagina. Thank the good lord for epidurals. To this day, I still haven’t looked.

All in all, I have to say that I had a pretty easy labor. The induction couldn’t have gone any better. For that, I am very lucky.


~ by pmarie33 on November 17, 2009.

4 Responses to “induction”

  1. omg i was all “sounds pretty good” until i got to the “stich” part. OUCH!son of a….that my downstairs hurt. i am really glad you had an easy labor…congratulations again! xo

  2. That was a fantastic post until the second to last paragraphy when I shuddered and screamed.

    Congratulations P!!!

  3. yay- i gringe for you & your 3rd degree tear. poor thing :/

  4. yay! congrats!

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