let’s talk vag care after delivery

If you happen to be a lucky one, I hate you. just kidding, but not really. =)

I had a third degree tear. It hasn’t been as bad as I thought it was going to be. When I asked her (doc) how bad it was and she told me, I was scared shitless. I’m not sure I mentioned in my other post many details about it, but now I will.

I have no idea how many stiches are/were up there. She didn’t count or tell me. She did tell me that she had to repair my vagina and rectum. ::insert screams here:: The stiches are supposed to dissolve in 7-10 days. Today is day 12. I hope they are gone.

Day 1
The night shift nurse takes me to the bathroom after removing my cathetar to show me what to do. Wow, mesh pants have come a long way since I worked in a nursing home. Anywho, she was very patient, nice and knew my epi was or has already worn off. They wanted to give me percosets for the pain, but from past experiences, I know I can’t function on those bad boys. So I ended up with Tylenol 3.

Back to the toilet…
Inside the mesh pants is a baby’s newborn diaper filled with ice. After peeing, I was to rinse with with warm water, (this peri wash bottle is my best friend right now) pat dry with toilet paper, spray area with Dermoplast and apply witch hazel pads (Tucks) on top of the diaper. This procedure went on for the first day and a half. When I sat up, it was if I was sitting on a bag of rocks, but the coldness was awesome.

Day 2
OK, enough with the ice. I moved onto the long thick maternity pads. These were uncomfortable too. My poor bottom was all messed up. Still doing the procedure. Pee, rinse, dry, spray and apply witch hazel.

At this point, my urine is pretty bloody in the hat they want me to pee in. Kind of scary to look at. And I have to call the nurse every time I pee. Great. They took me to get a sitz bath. that was nice and all, but there was no padding for my back or neck. They really need to work on this.

I’m still doing the procedure plus taking a few showers daily. Gotta keep everything clean. Plus all the warm water feels so good. The man even found me more Dermaplast and witch hazel pads. I didn’t know witch hazel was just an ingrediant used in Tucks pads. Learn something new everyday. He’s been so great throughout all this.

I go back to the doc on Wednesday for my first postpartum visit. I hope to get good news. Sitting is still very painful. Riding in the car is no good either. I’ve only been on the road 3 times. 1 time too many (I’m not getting into that right now).


~ by pmarie33 on November 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “let’s talk vag care after delivery”

  1. ice packs and tucks are your friend. believe me, it all gets so much easier, vag repair and breastfeeding.

  2. i am cringing for your poor vag & bum. eeek!
    and your nips- mine were on FIRE for the 1st 2 weeks. ask for a nipple compound presciption from your OB- that stuff is ballin.

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