tis the season

I took a trip to our Vet yesterday. The man was off of work and the cat needed food. She’s on a special diet for her kidneys. I made some coffee, put it in a to-go mug, cranked up the Christmas tunes and enjoyed the 30 minute drive to the clinic.

I know all the people there since my husband’s uncle is an equestrian doc for them. They let a select few animals hang out in the lobby and one of them is some sort of exotic bird that is very interactive named Tiki. He’s awesome.

When I went to pay the $40 for the 10lb bag of catfood they told me we had $150 credit on our account. Turns out, the uncle put that on there with a message: “Congrats and Merry Christmas”.


~ by pmarie33 on December 12, 2009.

5 Responses to “tis the season”

  1. uncle deserves super props- score!!!

  2. Awww that was so sweet! And i thought i had it bad for cat food prices.

  3. That was too sweet! Great gift idea!

  4. Awesome!!!

  5. wow what a great surprise! good job uncle!

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