bitchfest warning

My mom has never been one to go to the doctor on a regular basis. I can’t be too critical as the only docs I see on a regular basis are my OB and Dentist. Anywho, she hurt her back last week. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem, but she is my primary care giver to Olivia when I go back to work in less than 3 weeks.

Seriously, she hasn’t lifted a finger for herself in two years, and last week she decided it was a good diea to shovel her driveway. AYFKM? This is the kind of thing that she would previously call my brother for or ask my husband. And she only did a strip to the mailbox.

She called me last Friday to bring her some pain medicine. I took her a few Tylenol 3s. Just enough to take the edge off so she could to the immediate care center and get evaluated. She wouldn’t let me take her right then.

I told her that back problems don’t just go away in a few days and if she can’t walk or pick up Olivia, she can’t watch her. I’m 99.9% positive that this struck a nerve with her (no pun intended). Fast forward 2 days. She went to the ICC. They told her that she had done something to her sciatic nerve and gave her lortabs. This explains the pain in the lower back and legs and why it’s so hard for her to walk right now.

Fuck me running. I don’t want to put O into daycare until she’s at least a year old. I may not have a choice. Ugh. Mom is just as disappointed as I am right now because she realy wants to take care of her during the day. We’ve been talking and preparing for it for almost a year now. As soon as we told her I was pregnant, she asked to keep her 3 days a week.

She has an appointment with her doctor on Friday. Hopefully, the nerve isn’t totally shot and she will feel better soon. Not so much for me and Olivia, but for herself. She’s retired and if she stays in bed all day popping lortabs, she might get comfortable. She doesn’t have a history of this behavior, but I kmow how easy it can be when you aren’t working and still getting an income.

Hopefully, the thought of not being able to see O all the time like she was planning will be enough for her to strive to get better. I really hope so.


~ by pmarie33 on January 19, 2010.

One Response to “bitchfest warning”

  1. oh man that sucks, your poor mama. don’t stress it is possible to feel better in two weeks. i have sciatica and about every 3 years i have an episode where i get laid out for a few days. my dr. usually gives me painkillers and tells me to rest on my back, legs raised, for a few days (2-3). heating pad also helps, but my dr. also recommends walking and moving around a bit. no stretching or lifting things, but just walking. i guess this helps strengthen the lower back and kind of de-stress the sciatic nerve. i hope she feels better soon.

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