I had no idea I was on cd 13. I started charting this cycle, but wasn’t feeling it, so the thermometer got booted. We only had sex this morning because he wanted it. Keeping the man happy has been #1, sometimes #2 on my daily list. He does so much for me and the baby. I really am incredibly blessed to have him.

That said, I’ve never hated having sex until recently. It still burns like a bitch and I thought for sure by now that would have subsided. Ugh. He can still see how much it hurts me as I don’t hide the grimaces and I still quote the doc and say “That was for you”. I push him away as soon as he’s done and try to make a joke about it since it feels rude. Usually I say something like “OK, everybody out”. We both laugh and go on with our day. Poor guy. I wish I could enjoy it more, but he seems to be ok with it all.

~ by pmarie33 on April 25, 2010.

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