call back

The doc called back last week and said the next steps are to go see an RE that they work closely with. However, their offices are 50 and 100 miles away. WTF? That RE office would do the initial consult and any procedures, but my monitoring would be done at my OB office. I wasn’t happy with this next step and told the nurse so. I think it’s a little soon just to say, “we don’t know what to do with you, so we’re going to send you somewhere else”.

I asked what the doc thought about Femara and the nurse said she doesn’t prescribe Femara because it’s very expensive and there is no generic. Seriously? That’s the reason you came up with? I called bullshit and told her that my insurance’s website shows there is a generic and it cost $5 at my pharmacy. Femara itself is $55. She (the nurse) thanked me for the info because she was unaware. FFS.

I got another call back yesterday and my doc wants me to come in to see her in a few weeks to discuss things. This better not be a “here’s what they will do when you go up there” meeting. I’ll be pissed.

~ by pmarie33 on September 13, 2011.

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