That’s what I’m calling them.  The once a week invasion into the other side.  And since my cervix sucks ass (we’ve been over this in past posts) I get to bleed and cramp more than normal folk.  Yay!  That means I’m winning. 

Last week’s progress had nothing to write home about, cervix just slightly thinning.  Monday night I had red spotting for no apparent reason.  Could be the beginning of losing the plug.  Also my hands have been super swollen.  More than normal.  Usually, they start un-swelling around 10am or so.  Yesterday, they never did. 

I go back today and will tell her about my hands. 

Today’s pics:



~ by pmarie33 on October 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “weeklies”

  1. you’re 35 weeks already?? so in 5 weeks mini-P will be here? oh wow! i hope this week’s invasion also gives you nothing to write about. as they say, no news-is good news (sometimes….right?).

  2. Ah, you’re at the un-fun stage. The swelling was terrible for me in the end (hands and feet). BUT that means you’re getting super close. Enjoy that belly while you can!

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