had to call the doc

I haven’t slept since Sunday night.  My ears hurt, have a headache and my heart is racing.  I was almost half way to work when I called the boss and he talked me into turning around and go back home.

The triage nurse (whom I love love love) told me that this start of fall season has reeked havoc on their 3rd Tri patients.  They’ve had many complaints about sinus pressure.   She recommended sudafed and tylenol.  The headache is probably associated with the pressure and my racing heart/not sleeping is normal at this stage.

Annnnnnnd I had contractions last night.  Woot!!  In the middle of the night mind you.  I got out of bed and went to the basement to lay in my recliner, hoping it would help me sleep and then bam!  They were mild and probably BHs since they were erratic and not really timeable, but now I know what to expect.  They have since gone away. 

Next appointment is tomorrow.



~ by pmarie33 on October 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “had to call the doc”

  1. whoa! contractions? ::runs around screaming:: quick boil water!!!

  2. 38.5!!!

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