off of work!!!

Today was my weekly.  They gave me my H1N1 shot then took me back to the exam room.  I mentioned to the nurse that I was in extreme discomfort while sitting.  So of course, it took the doc longer than normal to get into the room.  I was miserable and in tears by the time she came in. 

So she did her normal thing.  Baby is measuring right on time (37 weeks) and heart rate is perfect.  Then she went in for the internal (owowowow).  I’m still at 1cm, 80% efaced and 0 station.  However, she stripped my membranes while she was in there. 

I have a short torso and there is no more room for baby.  She can tell that the pressure on my pelvis is very painful and since I’m full term, she sees no problem if I go into labor.  So she just started the process that might move things along. 

Then she wrote an order to take me off of work immediately.  You don’t even know how this makes me feel.  For the past few days, I’ve not slept.  Sitting up straight is pretty much impossible and agonizing.  Driving sucks.  Being off of work, I don’t have to stress about getting a good night’s sleep.  I can lay down whenever I want.  I don’t have to drive or sit at a desk. 




~ by pmarie33 on October 29, 2009.

One Response to “off of work!!!”

  1. you poor thing, i’m glad your doctor took you off work. now rest up and take care of yourself.

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